Photos of Taehyung from BTS without a shirt that have made the entire ARMY fall in love

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taehyung from bts he has gone to Mexico and Paris during his temporary hiatus, he will also celebrate his 27th birthday on December 30, 2022 and he is preparing a solo album and will probably be one of the members to debut next year.

The icon has resumed her career on the big screen, first with a series of Disney Channel with his friends, and he also recorded a new program during his secret visit to the Mexican country, which will premiere in 2023.

taehyung He was also surrounded by rumors about a love affair with Jenny from BLACKPINK after that They will filter several photos with the singerbut there are other photos that managed to drive ARMY crazy and it was he who showed himself in a way that no one had seen.

Since opening their personal Instagram accounts, members of bts They have been able to share more about their daily life with ARMY, from study meetings and trips to random photos based on their personalities and in the case of Taehyung, the idol surprised his fans by removing his shirt.

Also, a slightly blurry black and white photo is enough to surprise them, as some think that she is not wearing anything and others are sure that it is just light, but there is no doubt that it is taehyung without a shirt.

unlike your friends Jimin Y Jungkook, He doesn’t usually show off his body too much, but he did take off his shirt more than once and one of them is on his trip to Mexico, in which he also revealed his friendship tattoo with BTS, which is on one of his legs.

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