PHOTOS | In a bikini, Michelle Renaud remembers her best trips to the sea

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The life of Michelle Renaud has taken a turn in recent months. With love happening around her since she started a love affair with Matías Novoa, The actress and host looks radiant, full of happiness and with the certainty that she is completely reciprocated.

Therefore, Michelle is so blissful that this is shown in each of the images that he shares on his social networks. Just like she said, there are times when he only thinks about sharing what happens to him day by day because he feels that life is leaving him soon; but, when it calms down, the result is postcards full of sensuality where a dress or a bikini They accompany you in front of the lens.

Renaud and her best bikinis

Like a mermaid who is ready to enjoy the seas, it is that michelle renaud It was shown in various photos that express the best of each trip he has made in recent months. Therefore, in several of these she was seen in bikini, whether swimming or strolling on the beach.

In one case, he was even on his surfboard to enjoy a day in front of the waves. Beyond these images, Michelle wanted to specify that she really wants to go back on a trip.

“I have so much desire to travel that not even traveling will pass me by,” he said.

And also in other cities

The United States seems to be the country where Michelle spends the best time, either with a few days in San Francisco or others in New York, but she really enjoys walking through her neighborhoods and streets full of anecdotes.

That was how she went from bikinis to photos with another type of outfit, but yes, the same emotion of feeling free in this world.


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