Phil Baroni, formerly of the UFC, is arrested for killing his girlfriend in MexicoMediotiempo

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The mixed martial arts fighter for the famous company UFCPhil Baronihas been arrested for being the presumed culprit murder of his girlfriend on January 1st after a discussion in a hotel in San Francisco, Nayaritaccording to information taken up by the magazine Process.

UFC fighter killed his girlfriend in Mexico

Born in New York and 46 years old, Baroni was the one who called the police for help because his girlfriend, identified as Paola, was lying unconscious in the hotel room. According to the local media Bahia Grandstandthe elements found the young woman without vital signs.

The same report indicates that Baroni’s girlfriend was naked on the bed, covered by a sheet with clear traces of physical abuse both on her face and on the rest of her body. It is presumed that the blows were due to infidelity.

This is how Baroni would have killed his girlfriend in the hotel

The version that Baroni gave to the police points out that in the afternoon of the first day of 2023 he was smoking marijuana and drinking beer in the room. There he began to argue with his girlfriend, well she revealed to him that she had had sex with another manwhich upset the athlete.

Later, the former UFC fighter opened the shower and asked Paola to take a bath, however, she refused, so she He took her by the arms and threw her into the shower.. The woman hit her forehead and slipped backwards, at which point his head hit the floor.

The same fighter told the authorities that after the incident, she asked him to lay her down on the bed because I felt cold. After a few minutes she told him that I wanted a cigarette and beersso Phil Baroni left the room to buy them, but when he returned he realized the tragedy.

Paola did not respond to her calls, she lay down next to her thinking that she was asleep, but she felt her partner’s body cold and when he wanted to wake her up he had no answer. After the events, the also MMA commentator was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry for the crime of homicide and kept in the cells of the Municipal Administrative Court of Valle de Banderas.

Who is Phil Baroni?

Baroni began his career in the UFC in the year 2000with just 24 years, after having chained different jobs such as pizza delivery or car salesman.

In his career in Mixed Martial Arts he played, from his debut to his last fight in 201935 bouts with a balance of 16 wins and 19 losses. He is now awaiting trial, charged with a crime of homicide.


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