Personalized medicine redefines the treatment of lung cancer

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In our country during 2020, more than seven thousand deaths caused by lung cancerin addition to the fact that that same year, this disease was diagnosed in seven thousand new cases, with which it has been placed as one of the 10 types of cancer with the highest incidenceand ranks fourth with the highest number of deaths from this cause.

It is important to note that based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), lung cancer is the third most common type of cancer and the leading cause of cancer-related death in the Americas, with more than 324,000 new cases diagnosed and nearly 262,000 deaths each year, in contrast to the cervical cancer, of which around 80,000 new cases and around 35,000 deaths are recorded each year.

In this sense, Dr. Isabela Rivas, medical leader for Lung Cancer at Roche Mexico, pointed out that in the case of this neoplasm, it is a complex disease, with different subtypes which tend to affect each patient differently.

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Given this, he maintained, a series of tests and sophisticated diagnostic tools, biomarkers, must be carried out, which today is already possible to detect and treat specific genomic alterations by adapting medical treatments to the individual characteristics of each person.

“It is essential to work in the community to achieve effective, timely and quality care for people with cancer”, which is why, and with the desire to try to benefit a greater number of patients around the world, is that the pharmaceutical company to which he belongs, he said, “heralds a new era that is redefining lung cancer, introducing treatment approaches that target different genetic characteristics or immune pathways of the disease, advances that have transformed the disease landscape and improved the survival results of people.”, he indicated.

Same type of cancer, different life stories

Because each person with cancer is a different life story, with very particular circumstances, it is that this disease must be treated as unique for each individual, that is why the medical advances that have made great progress in its diagnosis and treatment come from of personalized medicine, which not only refers to the treatment and prevention of diseases for patients, but also means rethinking health systems for future generations.

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In this sense, he recalled that people with the same type of cancer usually received the same treatment, although over time, doctors observed that these treatments work better for some people than for others, due to genetic differences in the tumor.

That is why, at present, a doctor can personalize the treatment according to the information derived from the genes of the tumor.

Personalized medicine for each individual

Personalized medicine allows the choice of diagnostic tests to be able to relate the type of cancer to the genes, which contributes to achieving a more effective treatment, causing fewer side effects and reducing the probability that the cancer will return, which in medicine is called as the risk of recurrence.

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Faced with myths and taboos, IMSS provides accurate information and comprehensive detection of prostate cancer for its early diagnosis.

He also said that Roche works with partners to redefine lung cancer together, with the aim of addressing current challenges and improving the experience of each patient, at each stage of the disease.

Your priority is to support them as they navigate the entire care journey, from early detection and diagnosis; to biomarker testing, treatment and monitoring, to help them achieve the best possible results.

Within the framework of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Rivas highlighted the need to reinforce awareness and sensitization actions to fight this type of cancer, an issue in which, she admitted, “we know that much remains to be done And while no single intervention is likely to cure cancer, there are new possibilities that offer hope for the future.”

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Cecilia Higuera Albarrán

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