Penis enlargement: So you can help your ‘little friend’ to give the growth spurt

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“Size doesn’t matter” is a phrase most people agree with, but the reality is that nearly half of mens they are dissatisfied with size of his ‘little friend’; for them there is the possibility of undergoing a elongation of penis to help them give the ‘beast’ a stretch.

Only one in two men -55 percent- is satisfied with their member, while eight out of 10 women (85 percent) are happy with the size of their partner’s ‘weapon’, according to a study published in the British Journal of Urology.

For a decade, Dr. Francisco López Montoya, a urologist with a subspecialty in andrology, has been dedicated to performing penis enlargement surgery on patients who are looking for a little help to make them feel better and raise their self-esteem.

“It is a surgery that is not miraculous and sometimes the patient’s expectations can be very, very great; This expectation is not met in all cases”, stressed the specialist in an interview for Grupo Fórmula Digital.

This is penis enlargement to make ‘the beast’ bigger

The surgery is not the only method to enlarge the penisTherefore, the first thing is to go to a consultation with a specialist -such as Dr. Francisco López- to carry out an assessment to find out the patient’s expectations and choose the treatment that best suits their needs.

An overweight patient is not the same as one with a very small member, with an apparently small size or who is simply not satisfied with what they have, so each procedure must be personalizedstressed Dr. López.

These are the procedures with which you can help give the beast a ‘stretch’:

fat reduction

It is common that in overweight or obese patients, the apparent size of the penis is smaller because the fat that accumulates in the pubis causes it to have a retractionwhich does not mean that it is small, but that it appears to have a smaller size.

“It is always important to see what the patient’s expectations are and their clinical condition, because in most cases it is not that there is not a large size or an ideal size, but in patients with overweight and obesity apparent size is smaller”, stressed Dr. Francisco López Montoya, a specialist in penis enlargement surgery.

For these cases, it is recommended that the patient undergo a multidisciplinary treatment that includes a regimen to lose weight and psychological support.

Most of the time, results are achieved only with diet and exercise to lose weight, but there are cases in which it is necessary to also perform liposuction to remove the fat that the patient has accumulated in the pubic area.

“It is important for the patient to lose weight and assess whether we have to do a series of procedures that will help us so that the penis is not necessarily bigger, but rather has a more noticeable appearance; Many times this strategy is enough for the patient to be satisfied”, explained Dr. López.

With this lengthening treatment it is possible for the patient to gain 1 to 2 cm in the size of his penis.

Surgery to lengthen the ‘beast’

Those men for whom ‘size does matter’ are often not satisfied with only enlarging their penis in appearance, so to achieve their goals the only option is surgery that helps this ‘beast’ grow up to 2 cm – This is as long as it can be extended.

“The only surgical method by which an advance can be made is to cut a ligament called the ‘suspensory ligament’ that joins the penis to the pubis,” stressed Dr. López.

This ligament is located just above the penis and is responsible for keeping the corpus cavernosum together with the pubic bone; when cutting it, a portion of the member that was inside the abdomen comes out to give a longer appearance.

The procedure is performed by outpatient surgery and has an average recovery time of around six weeks, after which the patient can “release” his “little friend” after having given the growth spurt.

With this surgery, a maximum increase of 2 cm in the length of the penis can be achieved.

The effects of penis enlargement are more aesthetic than in matters of sexual performance, because the gain in size is more appreciated when the member is at rest, since it does not change much at the time of erection, emphasized Dr. López.

thickening techniques

In addition to penis enlargement procedures, there are other techniques to help give you more volume:

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is injected into the penis to give the member more thickness; Up to 10 syringes with this substance are usually applied to have a noticeable result of up to 20 percent increase in circumference.


With this method, part of the fat accumulated in the patient’s abdomen is transferred to inject it into the penis and help give it more thickness. Its results are similar to those obtained with hyaluronic acid.

“The patient’s abdominal fat is used; We do it with the support of plastic surgeons to perform liposuction to extract something called ‘nanofat’, which is fat to transfer under the skin of the penis”, explained Dr. López.


It is also possible to graft skin on the penis to give it more volume; In this method, skin taken from the patient himself can be used, but in most cases bovine pericardium is used – the membrane that covers the heart of cows.

To perform the bovine pericardium graft, the skin that covers the penis is removed and a cover of animal tissue is placed that gives a thicker appearance. Results vary depending on each patient.

If you are not comfortable with these powerful 8 cm and you want to help your ‘little friend’ to grow, you can always resort to surgery, but always remember to consult specialists such as Dr. Francisco López Montoya, who is over 10 years old. of experience in penis enlargement surgeries.


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