Penguin wears custom orthopedic shoes and manages to walk

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Lukea penguin from the San Diego Zoo, released a pair orthopedic shoes personalized to help you with a degenerative condition of his paw, with which the animal’s quality of life has improved significantly since then. If left untreated, he could have even suffered death.

Debbie Denton, Senior Wildlife Care Specialist at the San Diego Zoosays that the position of Luke It has improved since the test. “He no longer limps. It no longer favors his left side “, she explained, at the same time that she recognized herself relieved, because she knows him” since he was an egg “.

Why did they have to put orthopedic shoes on the penguin?

A Lukea african penguin four-year-old with a chronic condition known as pododermatitisthey were placed orthopedic shoes custom made of neoprene and rubber to prevent pressure sores from developing on his legs and ankles when he wears foot and walk.

If left untreated, the condition could result in septicemia and death from infection San Diego Wildlife Alliance. The zoo’s wildlife care specialists turned to an organization named Thera-Pawwhich manufactures rehabilitation and assistance products for animals with special needs.

What is pododermatitis?

According to the chicken breeding company, Aviagenthe pododermatitis is the development of lesions on the plantar pads of the birds, but it can also appear on any part of the leg that is in contact with the ground. In its initial phase, this disease manifests itself with small erosions or discoloration of the skin.

If the minimum requirements are not met or if the management of the birds is ineffective, the probability of incidence of the pododermatitis increases. The population density in the birds is another issue to consider, to ensure that batch handling requirements are met. penguins or chickens.

How do the shoes help the penguin?

Thera-Paw made a custom shoes made with rubber and neoprene to avoid the appearance of pressure pains every time Luke stand up and walk.

The problems of Luke They started more than three years ago. The african penguins have suffered from a huge decline in their population and the International Union for Conservation of Nature consider them as a species in danger of extinction.

“Once the most abundant seabirds in southern Africa, the species suffered a massive population decline from about 1 million breeding pairs to only about 18,000 breeding pairs today. In the last two years alone, the population has decreased by more than 23 percent.”

San Diego Wildlife Alliance

“The penguins they are a remarkable family of birds,” Denton said. “There is no other type of animal that is so widely distributed over such a huge geographic range, or that displays so many unique characteristics among its members. As their numbers fall, each individual bird matters. It is vital that we continue our work to ensure their continued survival for generations to come,” he noted.