Pedro Castillo calls Dina Boluarte a “usurper” in a new letter- Uno TV

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Pedro Castillo affirmed that he is “kidnapped” in Peru. Photo: Reuters

Through a new letter, the former president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, called “usurper” to Dina Boluarte Y assured that is “kidnapped” at the headquarters of the National Division of Special Operationswhere he has been held since the past December 7th.

“What was recently said by a usurper is nothing more than the same snot and drool of the coup right. Therefore, the people should not fall for their dirty game of new elections. Enough of abuse! Constituent Assembly now! Immediate freedom!”he wrote in the new letter he sent from prison.

What did Pedro Castillo say in the new letter sent from prison?

The former head of state declared that he is being “humiliated, incommunicado and mistreated”but which remains firm for the protests in several regions that ask for his release.

“I, Pedro Castillo… I speak to you in the most difficult moment of my government, humiliated, incommunicado, mistreated and kidnapped, but even so, clothed in your struggle, in the majesty of the sovereign people, but also infused with the glorious spirit of our ancestors,” he added.

On the other hand, Pedro Castillo indicated that the early elections proclaimed by Dina Boluarte it is unconstitutional because, according to him, affirms that he is still president of Peru.

“I speak to you now to reiterate that I am unconditionally faithful to the popular and constitutional mandate that I hold as president and I will not resign or abandon my high and sacred functions.”

Pedro Castillo

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