Paulina Landa tells us about sound therapy for well-being

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He tells us about sound therapy and the positive impact it has on physical and emotional health.

By Samia Becil Canavati

Sound therapy is a tool that, through harmonic frequencies, meditations and an infinity of instruments, lowers the noise of the mind, in order to connect with ourselves, be more aware of what surrounds us and be able to heal”, he explains Pauline Landa.

The expert tells us how this can be a very efficient supplement to treat strong diseases such as cancer. However, she stresses the importance that it is not a substitute for medical treatment. Likewise, she reveals the enormous changes that she has seen in her patients such as an improvement in their quality of sleep, the elimination of gastritis, reduction of anxiety and headaches and more. In this way and by working with sound healing, the body manages to reach a state of homeostasis, which means that it reaches total harmony. “By curing one malady, consequently another is cured; becoming a chain of improvement.

Thus, the body begins to function like the perfect machine that it is”. Also, it reveals the way in which he uses sound frequencies to speed up the process of reaching a deep state. “There are those who say that meditating is going up the stairs and sound healing is going up the elevator because the harmonic frequencies help to enter a deeper state faster. I use the frequency of 528 hertz, which is 528 waves per second.

It is a lot of energy and it is the frequency of unconditional love, which helps us connect with self-love”, says Paulina Landa.

Finally, the therapist highlights the importance of taking care of our mental and emotional health. “Just as we take care of our physical body, we must find moments to take care of our mental health” she concludes.

Paulina Landa tells us about sound therapy for well-being

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