Paul Stanley goes against a series about his father, Paco Stanley; it is “yellowism”, accuses

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Paul Stanley goes against a series about his father, Paco Stanley;  it is
Paul Stanley goes against a series about his father, Paco Stanley. Photo: Darkroom

Paul Stanley, son of the deceased presenter paco stanleyreacted after it was announced that it will be launched soon, on a popular streaming platform, a series that will talk about his father.

During the broadcast of the program TODAYwhere he is the conductor, Stanley assured that the project, which will be starring for Diego Boneta Y Belindadoes not have the family support.

“No, none of us have said anything, it is not authorized. Two months ago we were talking to the same producer, so that they spoke with dignity about my father.

Paul Stanley.

The presenter, who annoyed by a joke by Mario Bezaressaid that the series is a tabloid projectbecause he will only talk about the last moments of driver murdered outside a restaurant in 1999.

“It’s a baseless project, a project with a lot of fiction, with a lot of sensationalism, it talks about my father’s last moments.”

Paul Stanley.

The famous one, who, according to what he said, suffered physical violence during one of their relationshipsdid not rule out the possibility of starting a legal process by the series, considering that they treat their father as a “criminal”.

“They tell the story and treat him like a criminal… Right now we are waiting for him to support us, if there is going to be a lawsuit.”

Paul Stanley.

Paul Stanley, celebrity who has struggled with weight issuesexplained that it feels “frustrated”, Well, as he explained, negotiations and interviews were held so that they spoke well of paco stanleya fact that, in the opinion of the also actor, it will not happen.

“Frustrated because we were negotiating well with them, because we were giving support with interviews so that my father is spoken of well, they already had his story.”

Paul Stanley.

About some months ago, Mario Bezares Y Paola Durante, designated as allegedly involved in the death of Paco Stanley, they had expressed their interest to bring to the screen how they had experienced the situation that led them to be imprisoned for some time.

Even, During he sent a message to Paul Stanleywho, at the time, spoke out against the project of the friend of Mario Bezares and who was aide-de-camp of Program, pointed out and imprisoned for the death of the presenter.

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