Passenger recorded plane collapse that left 68 dead | Video

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A passenger broadcast live the moment a plane crashed in Nepal, killing 68 people.

The man transmits with his cell phone from a seat next to the window of the plane.

After a view of the city of Pokharathe man focused on the cabin, where the passengers were calm.

However, after a few seconds the image became turbulent and after the chaos the flames were appreciated.

The Reuters agency was able to confirm that the location in the video is Pokharasince the buildings match the satellite images.

The seats feature the Yeti Airlines logo and the wing configuration matches archival images of the plane.

The emergency services have already located the black box of the Yeti Airlines plane that crashed this Sunday in the Nepalese city of Pokhara.

The authorities were still working this Monday in the vicinity of the place where the aircraft crashed.

The government created a commission with representatives from various institutions to investigate the accident. The French Office of Investigations and Analysis for the Safety of Civil Aviation (BEA, for its acronym in French) has also reported the dispatch of its own experts.

The plane left Kathmandu at 10:33 a.m. (local time) and, for unknown reasons, crashed during its approach to Pokhara International Airport, in the Seti River valley.

The authorities rule out that there may be survivors among the people traveling on board.

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