Paralyzed the plans that WWE had for Kevin Owens

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David Gonzalez Rodriguez

10/31/2022 at 18:42

Kevin Owens has been, for now, without plans for future stories in WWE. The original idea that the company had was to return to unite Owens with Sami Zayn to confront thebloodline, since Sami’s history with the Samoans was to last a few weeks. However, the success they have achieved has caused a change of plans, and Owens is the one who gets hurt the most from all this.

According to the portal WrestleVotes“The idea was to bring Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn together. However, the idea has not been canceledit has simply been postponed”. WWE is aware that right now it has a story that attracts the public, and wants to make the most of this union between Sami and The Bloodlines. Despite this, the idea is that this alliance ends up breaking and we see the meeting of Kevin and Sami. Let’s remember that both are great friends in real life, but their relationship was cut short in NXT TakeOver: R Evolution.

After Triple H’s appointment as the new creative chief, Kevin Owens recovered some of the characteristics that his character had in NXT, same entrance theme and even a style in-ring something more aggressive. In fact, in the middle of the year he started a rivalry against The Bloodlines in which Sami Zayn was involved. In case everything had gone according to plan, that confrontation would be the trigger for the meeting between Owens and Zayn.

Currently, Kevin has no relevance in WWE programmingand proof of that is his last televised fighton August 26 on Monday Night Raw, teaming up with Johnny Gargano to defeat The Alpha Academy.

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