Paola Rojas’s twins are identical to her and these intimate photographs prove it

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Within Mexican television, one of the most beloved and influential women in front of the box is undoubtedly the journalist and presenter Paola Rojas, who has stood out for her impartial point of view expressed in each broadcast, but also thanks to her beautiful image, which she complements with sober and elegant looks, but which stands out for making her look incredible in front of cameras.

Paola is currently 46 years old and in her youthd was part of staff of the extinct amusement park Kingdom Adventure, where she was an entertainer, a dolphin trainer and even trained the internationally famous orca known as Keiko.

Since its inception, red She stood out as a great reporter, so following her vocation she decided to study Communication Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), without imagining that she would form an entire career within the media.

The twins of Paola Rojas

After several years as a presenter of “In the air”, The famous 46-year-old closed one of the most important cycles in her career, this is because after several rumors, the Mexican confirmed that she would retire from this production to start a new life, however, she assured her fans that she was not going to stop working in the media.

It is known that one of the reasons why Rojas moved away from this successful production is because he plans to spend more time on his personal and family life away from the spotlight, especially since he has a beautiful and close relationship with his children. Paulo and Leonardo, who are the product of his sentimental relationship with Luis Roberto Alves dos Santos Gavranic, better known as “Zagué”.

His twin sons are only 11 years old and they are very similar physically their mother, although they also have various traits of their father. Both are studying and this 2023 they will be 12 years old, they are both soccer fans because Zague has shown on several occasions that he is guiding them in this sport that attracts the attention of the little ones.



PHOTO: This is what Paola Rojas looked like when she worked as an entertainer in an amusement park


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