Panpiano presents its cosplay cover of Bocchi the Rock!

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It’s been a few weeks since the last episode of the anime of Bocchi the Rock!, one of the most popular during the fall season of 2022 and which has won many fans around the world. Since then we have seen all kinds of tributes but last week panpiano surprised to make a Seishun Complex coverthe opening of Bocchi the Rock, with a cosplay of hitori goto.

Panpiano is a well-known Japanese pianist who publishes piano covers of anime songs, which she has done for years on her YouTube channel. Sometimes Panpiano takes the opportunity to show a bit of fan service but with her cover of Bocchi the Rock! she reached another level, because she took away Hitori Goto’s shyness.

In the Bocchi the Rock! We meet Hitori Goto, an overly shy and introverted teenager who learns to play the guitar in order to make friends, start a band, and become famous. On one occasion Ryo says that she could take advantage of her beauty to create videos, an idea that Panpiano made come true with his cosplay cover of Bocchi the Rock!.

A few days ago Panpiano reposted a video of her Bocchi cosplay on her YouTube channel, once again in her pink wig, Hitori Goto’s signature hoodie, and nothing from the waist down except her panties. In the video, whose purpose is none other than to offer fan servicewe see Panpiano showing off his sleeves and other Bocchi the Rock! merchandise.

In the aforementioned video we see Panpiano putting together an illustration of Hitori Goto to which the facial features must be attached, which was shared on his Instagram account with a photograph full of fan service in which said illustration replaces the face of the popular pianist. Let’s remember that to date Panpiano has not shown her face, so in this aspect she resembles Bocchi with his Guitar Hero channel.

In the week since Panpiano posted her Bocchi the Rock! cosplay cover video, the pianist posted the other previously mentioned video and five photos to her Instagram account, all with a heavy dose of fan service. Bocchi the Rock! It is an anime that is distinguished by its zero levels of ecchi, so Panpiano’s Hitori Goto cosplay could take some of his fans by surprise.


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