Owner of Dulces de la Rosa is captured with a luxurious bag on TikTok

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As we know, TikTok is the platform with the greatest reach today that viralizes a large number of videos and shows Internet trends. On this occasion, a video captured the owner of the Dulces de la Rosa with a luxurious bag .

Via a video made by Brazilian tiktoker, Georgia Swain known for interviewing different people who carry luxury bags on the street, capture to the owner of the Dulces de la Rosa with one of the most expensive bags of the chanel brand

The video shows the owner and heiress of the famous pulparindo sweets carrying a bag Gabrielle of the Chanel brand surprising thousands of Internet users who did not take long to react through the comments.

According to experts, the Gabrielle bag was one of the pieces created by designer Karl Lagerfeld creative director of Chanel who died in 2019. Said bag is made of wool materials, calfskin and various metallic details with a bohemian-style silhouette

During the short interview, tiktoker Georgia Swain asked the woman carrying the Chanel bag what she worked on what The woman replied that she had a candy company in Mexico: “Do you know the pulparindos, the marzipan de la Rosa? ”.

Users reacted to the viral video of the owner of the pulparindos

The video currently has 6.7 million views and more than 700 thousand likes. So several users did not miss the opportunity to react:

“Now I am happy to have bought a box of marzipan so that this queen can buy her Chanel bag”, “Patron saint of our recreations and piñatas”, “Mexican Royalty”, “Is she the creator of the pulparindo? I love her very much, thank you for everything”, were some of the comments.

On the other hand, several foreign users who have visited Mexico or known the famous Dulces de la Rosa, also reacted to the video:

“I’m from Peru and when I went to Mexico and ate pulparindo and marzipan de la Rosa, I brought a suitcase almost full of those products.”

This is how Dulces de la Rosa operated

According to the official site of Sweets of the Rose , the company was founded more than 70 years ago by Jesús Michel González and his family originally from Guadalajara Jalisco, who began the artisanal production of Mexican sweets.

Jesús Michel González learned to make formulas working in a pharmaceutical company, giving rise to the first peanut marzipan called little cones . Having a great growth, they began to market outside of Guadalajara.

Over time, the famous peanut marzipan began to be called Marzipan de la Rosa, due to the flower logo and later became the name of the famous Mexican candy brand.


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