Organic clock: what it is and how to use it to have a healthy life

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No more exhausting tasks: in this section of the day therest is essentialfor example, continue reading a book or do a relaxation exercise such as meditation. Turning off the body is important because at this moment new vital energy is generated, that is, Qi. The “triple heater” is responsible for this, which coordinates the energy cycles with each other. The goal is for the life force to flow unimpeded. By the way, it is also a good time to let your thoughts flow freely.

High Body Clock Phase #11: Gallbladder (11 pm to 1 am)

The organic clock tells us that between 11 pm and 1 am everything revolves around regeneration and detoxification. The secretion of cortisol is closed, the body temperature drops, the organism begins to relax. Let yourself go, because this is the time to sleep.

Organic Clock High Phase #12: Liver (1 to 3 o’clock)

During this period, the body is in a very sensitive phase, as its performance is at its lowest point and the liver is detoxifying at full speed. By the way, it can only really regenerate during sleep. However, this could be altered if you have eaten late. The situation is similar with alcohol or nicotine. Therefore, there is not much you can do for yourself in this cycle; all the more important is that you have taken care to do something good for yourself in previous cycles.

These are the advantages of organic clock

Work with he organic clock or living up to it sounds definitely exciting. But what exactly is achieved by it? Basically, it is about the full attentionto learn to listening to the body’s internal clock and interpret their signals.

If you look specifically at it, you’ll be able to spot patterns, for example, if you really do keep waking up between 3 and 5, then is it a lung-related condition? Without panicking right away, you can get to the bottom of it now.

If you pay more attention to yourself, you will be able to know yourself better. The organic clock is a suitable tool for this and, according to the Chinese traditional medicineto live in harmony with the natural flow of the vital energy. You will notice it in your well-being.

Article originally published in GQ Germany.


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