Orcas hunt seal with incredible technique, reveal video- Uno TV

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Killer Whales Hunt Technical Seal
The BBC revealed how a group of killer whales hunts a seal. Photo: AFP

Images displayed by BBC that are part of his documentary “Frozen Planet II” (Ice Planet) reveals a unique moment in nature when a pod of killer whales use a unique hunting technique to catch and kill a seal in the icy waters surrounding Antarctica.

The images shared by BBC on his YouTube channel It shows the perfect coordination to work as a team with very specific tasks that four killer whales share and thus attack a seal that was on an ice platform that was floating in the water.

At first killer whales swim across to the big pack icein search of prey, when one of them sees the seal, she calls her companions to start poaching.

The killer whales started swimming side by side. below the ice shelf where sheltered the seal, they created a wave that split the ice leaving their prey vulnerable.

The killer whales coordinated in a new movement to generate a wave that knocked the seal off the ice and into the water.

Once the seal was in the water, the whales used a strange technique when blowing bubbles to confuse the seal and thus be able to capture and devour the prey.

there’s only about 100 killer whales on Earth that use this sophisticated hunting technique coordinated, according to the documentary, narrated by naturalist Sir David Attenborough.