OnlyFans model criticizes her house for “ugly” and is thwarted in networks

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  • As of today, OnlyFans has more than 1.6 million content creators around the world.

  • An Axios report reveals that users spend up to 2.3 billion dollars buying content.

  • According to a survey, 80 percent of people want to become content creators.

A considerable number of netizens have launched against an OnlyFans model after saying that she has an “ugly” house, but uses one of the most advanced and, of course, more expensive smartphones.

The history of OnlyFans is known to all: a platform that, during the height of the pandemic, managed to position itself as a space for entrepreneurs and, also, for content creators.

If we count, in 2020, with up to 300 thousand content creators, by 2021 the platform had already registered more than 1.6 million creatorsfigures that, in short, speak of the importance of OnlyFans as a space to generate profits.

And it is that, to tell the truth, 2020 was the year in which a significant number of digital platforms found an important escape valve; a growth that positioned them in the preference of Internet users, who, in the same way, grew in spurts, due to the confinement caused by the pandemic.

Thus, to date, we can talk about three spaces considered the winners of the recent period of health emergency: TikTok, Twitch and OnlyFans, the latter being noted for allowing explicit and intimate content to be posted.

Now, it should be noted that OnlyFans not only hosts explicit nudity content, but that the community of creators is extremely wide and the offer is aimed at all types of consumers.

Let us remember that, last year, the company had announced that it would remove the nude content, leaving an important community without income, because, in that year, it is estimated that there were more than 150 million subscribers, who spent around 2.3 billion dollars; of that total, it is expected that 85 percent would have done so in content of a pornographic nature, according to data from Axios.

OnlyFans model criticizes her house for “ugly” and is thrashed in networks

Angélica Pineda is the name of an OnlyFans content creator who has also become famous through her TikTok account, a platform on which she recently went viral for a comment that did not sit well with a large number of Internet users. .

And it is that the video in question shows the young woman affirming that her house “is ugly”, due, as she said, to the fact that a “hurricane” hit it and at the moment it is under repairs.


Response to @carlos.sanchez20a don’t get confused I’m a girl here where do you see me?

? original sound – angelina pinella

What was not long in coming, as happens in cases like these, is the response of the digital community that, in this case, did not hesitate to launch all kinds of criticism towards the tiktoker.

“I mean, it’s true that I don’t have a slab, but I have the latest phone that folds, the Flip4, look at nothing but such a cute little thing”; “With leaks, but with the latest model phone, my darling”; “Mine also bends, but it no longer turns on”; “Telephone and refrigerators more than 100 thousand Mexican pesos, if you don’t have crockery it is understood that it is because there are no hurricanes there like here”; “The flip 4 is the cheapest folding phone in its class”; “In 6 months it will break, that’s what happened to mine”; are some of the comments shared by Internet users.

OnlyFans seems to be one of the favorite platforms for users and, without a doubt, a source of income that, as we have seen, exceeds unexpected limits.

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