One of the most beloved Spider-Man sneaks into the Across the Spiderverse poster, but his role in the movie remains unknown

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the poster of Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse has let us see one good amount of spider men who will have their presence in the new animated movie of the superhero most loved by the people. However, many have highlighted the presence of one of the most beloved Spider-Man by the public: The Peter Parker from The Spectacular Spider-Man.

As can be seen in this extended Turkish poster of Across the Spiderverse, in the bottom right you can see the protagonist of The Spectacular Spider-Man, something that has been confirmed by one of the scriptwriters of the work Christopher Miller.

However, the director of the animated series released in 2008 and much loved by fans has not confirmed that it will be important in the film. What’s more, not even he knows if it will be important in the plot of the film that will be released in June 2023.

This new revision of Spider-Man delighted the publicsince it drank directly from the successful 1998 series that received so many good reviews.

It remains to be seen if it will finally play a decisive role, but we are glad to know that the scriptwriters and producers take care of every last millimeter in this new spiderman movie which intends to break even more with the molds seen so far of Peter Parker as it happened with its first installment released in 2018.

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