One of the great heirs of Dark Souls is free on the Epic Games Store for Christmas and is yours forever

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have you said enough Epic Games Store to give away games? The truth is that no and that is why we once again have an opportunity to take home a title without paying a penny. Be careful, this time we are talking about a worthy heir to Dark Souls.

And it is that deadly shell is the new free game that we can download right now. You don’t even need to remember it, but you already know that the promotion is limited to only 24 hours, so you have to be quick to add it to your library and make it stay there forever.

deadly shell

Cold Symmetry’s work throws us into a Action RPG set in a medieval fantasy context full of dangers. Humanity is one step away from complete extinction as all manner of hellish beings begin to appear. In this context we will have to discover different sanctuaries to defeat sleeping warriors and thus learn their combat techniques.

Of course, we will have to improve our weapons and armor, being able to poison the edge of the sword, use dark arcane abilities and make brutal counterattacks. Of course, do not attack without thinking, because each movement you make entails an expense of resistance that you must take into account. Strategic but relentless, draw when you know the thrust will be deadly.

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