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There are disagreements against the president of Peru. PHOTO: Reuters

The protests against the new government of Peru they left this sunday two dead and five injured in clashes inside the country, demanding the resignation of the president Dina Boluarte and the Call for new general elections.

The mobilizations took place in various cities in the north and south of the Andes for the fourth day in rejecting Congress and also calling for the release of former leftist president Pedro Castillo, dismissed on Wednesday the 7th by Congress.

Protests in Peru leave two dead and five injured

In the southern Andean city of Andahuaylas, police Two deaths and five injuries were reported.including a policeman, after violent clashes in the protesters’ attempt to storm the city’s airport.

Reinforcements of the riot police were to arrive at said air terminal to contain the thousands of protesters in Andahuaylasin the Apurímac region, cradle of Boluarte.

Some attacked with slingshots and stones, while security forces repelled with tear gas, according to media images at the scene.

The premises of the Huancabamba police station, a town in Apurímac, were set on fire, the radio reported. RPP.

In the same city, on Saturday the protests left Saturday 16 civilians and four police officers injured.

Thousands of people mobilized through the streets of:

  • cajamarca
  • Arequipa
  • tacna
  • Andahuaylas
  • Huancayo
  • Cusco
  • Fist

According to images broadcast by local television stations.

Threatened with “indefinite strike”

Meanwhile, agrarian unions and peasant and indigenous organizations announced a “indefinite strike” starting Tuesday, adding to the orders for the closure of Congress, early elections and a new Constitution, according to a statement from the Agrarian and Rural Front of Peru.

The collective, which brings together a dozen organizations, also demands the “immediate freedom” of Castillo.

According to the Agrarian Front, Castillo “did not perpetrate any coup when on Wednesday he announced the closure of Congress, the intervention of the public powers and that he would govern by decree, which led to his dismissal by parliament and the assumption of the head of state by Vice President Boluarte.

In Lima, the leftist party Peru Libre convened on Sunday afternoon a mobilizationn from the historic Plaza San Martín, epicenter of political demonstrations in Peru.

Lima has always turned its back on Castillo, a rural teacher and union leader with no contact with the elites, while the Andean regions have identified with him since the 2021 elections.

The Congress, dominated by the right, announced that it will meet on Sunday afternoon to analyze the situation.

early elections

Castillo was detained by his own escort while on his way to the embassy of mexico to request political asylum. The prosecution charges him with rebellion and conspiracy.

Boluarte formed a government on Saturday with an independent and technical profile and with the ex-prosecutor Pedro Angulo as prime minister.

Until now, the president has not been clear on what the big question is: are we in a transition government or are we before an authority that intends to stay until 2026?said political analyst Giovanna Peñaflor.

“She should be clear that her role is to facilitate the new general elections and that this is the path that will augur her to have some stability that allows this cabinet not to be like the past and end up being relegated,” he added.

The demand for new elections is associated with an overwhelming rejection of Congress: according to polls from November, 86% of Peruvians disapprove of Parliament.

boluarte did not rule out calling early elections on Friday in search of a peaceful solution to the political crisis, and urged the population to calm down.

Meanwhile, the controversy grew around the version of a former chief of staff and the lawyer of Castle that the former president was doped when he read the message in which he announced his failed coup attempt.

In an alleged letter that he would have written in prison, Castillo maintains that a “camouflaged” doctor and nurses and a “faceless” prosecutor they “forced” him to take blood samples on Friday and Saturday.

According to the letter, he refused to collaborate because he feared for his safety.

The president of the Institute of Legal Medicine, Francisco Brizuela, He confirmed that the former president “refuses to have a blood sample and a urine sample taken from him. Therefore, hethe expertise (to find out if he was drugged) could not have been done“.

Castle He also refused “a psychological and psychiatric test”he added.

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