OMEGA X Strikes Back At Its Own Agency After Multiple Abuses

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It was recently confirmed that the boy group, OMEGA Xhas registered several trademarks, among them is the name of the group and the name of the fandom.

On November 14, 2022, the group made an announcement, in which they said that they will hold a press conference and their lawyers will be present. Before the conference, which will take place on November 16, the group made an announcement through their legal representatives, which excited the fandom.

According to the legal representative of omega-x, the lawyers completed the trademark registration on November 7. The trademarks were: «omega-x” Y “PROTECT OMEGA X» to protect the name of the group and, on the other hand, they also registered «FOR X«, which is the name of the fandom.

The group is believed to have made these decisions for their safety amid conflict with their music agency. Spire Entertainmen.

The representatives explained: “We are planning to explain the current situation of the group and the direction they will take in the future.”

All this because recently omega-xwas at the center of attention on social networks, after several videos went viral where it can be seen that the group had been physically and verbally attacked by the now former executive director of SpireEntertainment, which was forced to resign from the position on November 7.

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