Olivia Rodrigo reportedly shaved off in support of BTS and her military service

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The members of BTS announced a few weeks ago that they would be enlisting in their country’s compulsory military service after extensive talks and several months on standby, not knowing what would happen to their future. After the announcement, the company HYBE announced that it is already preparing to avoid having monetary losses at all costs.

He also revealed that the member Jin would be the first to enlist and that, moreover, he would finally be premiering his solo project, a collaboration with the acclaimed British band ColdplayIn addition, it will be presented in Argentina during a concert to give the first official presentation of the song “Astronaut”.

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After the announcement of the military service, a trend began on social networks of different fans with the hashtag #MeRapoPorBTS, the situation began as a joke on the Internet, especially among the fandom ARMY from Latin America, but then things got really serious when two fans posted that they actually shaved their heads.

Then the trend became more viral until it reached the United States, where various fans began to joke that some artists had shaved their heads in support of btsspecifically a post by Olivia Rodrigo that says the following:

«Olivia Rodrigo joins the #MeRapoPorBts as a show of support for the members of the South Korean group who will soon give their service to the military forces of their country.»

Many fans believed it, but the same olivia Rodrigo He denied the situation when he posted an update on social networks showing his beautiful long brown hair.

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