Nutritionist faints on live show

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Nutritionist faints on live show
The nutritionist spoke about the consumption of sugar in children. Photo: Gettyimages.

A nutritionist fainted way sudden in a live tv showwhen expounding on the sugar intake in the kids.

The events were recorded by local television cameras of Buenos Aires, Argentinajust when the nutritionistidentified as Theresa Coccaroasked the viewers “replace the sugar by cinnamon either coconut”.

“If we want to start replacing sweeteners or sugar, let’s start using grated coconut, bitter cocoa, cinnamon…”,

The nutritionist said before suffering the sudden fainting.

The specialist discussed, along with the rest of drivers, about good habits for minors to consume sugar in measured amounts, but just as he was trying to finish a sentence, his face transformed, he fainted and fell onto the shoulder of a driver who was sitting next to him.

“It’s okay if a child ever goes to a birthday party and eats something sweet…”,

Those were Teresa Coccaro’s last words before she fainted.

After the incident, the tv show sent to a commercial court. Minutes later, the local network reported, through Twitterwhich at nutritionist his blood pressure dropped and that was the reason for the sudden fainting

“Teresa Coccaro, she is fine. She lowered the pressure and we left a few minutes before ”,

He tweeted the TV show Good Morning America.

Followed by Tweet cited above, and to dispel all doubt, the aforementioned argentinian program shared one image in GIF format where the nutritionist She is on her feet, completely recovered.

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