Nutritionist creates a “safe” light Rosca de Reyes for diabetics

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  • During the Christmas season it is estimated that people gain an average of 3.5 kilograms.
  • The WHO estimates that one in 11 adults in the world has diabetes.
  • To minimize sugar consumption and expose patients, a nutritionist shared the recipe to prepare a light Rosca de Reyes.

The beginning of the year is always marked by the purposes and all the objectives that you want to achieve during the following 12 months. At the same time, an inconvenience is the consumption of dishes and desserts characteristic of this season. Within the variety there is one that is consumed by millions of people: the Rosca de Reyes and so that its impact is not so great, a nutritionist created a light version that is “safe” for people with diabetes.

In the first instance, the period between the end of December and the beginning of January is one of relaxation and celebration, but it also has its negative side. It is about weight gain in most people due to excessive food consumption. It is estimated that, on average, each individual gains 3.5 kilograms.

The problem of obesity in the world

This is quite serious if one considers that obesity is a public health problem not only in Mexico but also worldwide. In no way is it a simple question of aesthetics or vanity but a factor that is related to more than 100 different diseases.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) excess body mass is related to at least 2.8 million deaths per year. While it also generates a decrease in the lifestyle of millions of people.

In this sense, one of the conditions that have a direct relationship with obesity is diabetes. To date, it is estimated that 34 percent of the planet’s adult population suffers from this serious disease for which there is no cure, that is, one in 11 people.

For his part, The biggest indication for people with diabetes is to regulate their sugar intake. This is an instruction that must be followed for life, in addition to drug treatment, because otherwise there is a risk of relapses that can be fatal.

Steps to prepare a light Rosca de Reyes

All of the above leads to a recipe created by the nutritionist Andrea Villaseñor so that people with diabetes can enjoy this beginning of the year. It consists of a Rosca de Reyes light and its ingredients are designed for people with diabetes.

To begin with, what he recommends is to change the traditional white flour for wholemeal or almond coconut. While another important point is to remove any type of padding because it is usually the part that does the most damage.

Similarly, one of the distinctive elements of this dish are the quince and ate. In this sense, what he recommends is to look for the reduced-sugar versions and they are the ones that should be integrated.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid the sugar parts because, although they are quite delicious, they are also the most harmful.

Now, another point that must be taken into account is the portion and the accompaniment. The ideal is to eat a maximum slice equivalent to five fingers in diameter. Otherwise you run the risk of overeating.

About the drink with which the Rosca de Reyes is accompanied, although hot chocolate is traditional, it is not really ideal. The indication is that it can be of any type but that it does not contain sugars to avoid exposing people with diabetes.


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