NuBike, the bicycle that works without a chain and reinvents the way of pedaling | VIDEO | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

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Rodger Parker, an American citizen from the city of Los Angeles, created a that works without chains and with traction levers.

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The main reason for reinventing this means of transportation was his wife, who was a cyclist for years and was no stranger to the problems caused by using conventional bicycles.

According to Parker, the NuBike has a Less aggressive design for athletes, since it has pedals that are handled vertically instead of the traditional rotary ones.

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The athlete should only perform movements from top to bottom with minimal knee flexion; however, the muscles of the legs and hips are exercised in the same way.

The NuBike has no chain and its pedals are attached to the hub of the rear tire.

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Regarding the handles, wheels, seat and brakes, the design is the same as the traditional one. Yes indeed, this bike is detachable what for It can be easily transported by car.

Currently, this bike is on the market and It has an approximate price of US$ 3000.

Here is a video of how it works this bike with vertical pedaling.