“Not another 70 years!”: Republicans demand the end of the monarchy b

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The minions who launched the campaign “Not another 70 years!” only seven months ago, on February 2, the day that elizabeth II celebrated his 70 years of reign, they were not thinking that the monarch could fulfill that period and reach 166 years of life, no matter how much he had shown a longevity proof of all evils.

“While a vocal minority wants to celebrate, we must start looking to the future,” he said at the time. Graham Smith, on behalf of the British republican movement. “The prospect of having a king charles is not happy, and there is a good democratic alternative”, that “as a nation we are quite capable of electing our head of state”. “The cost is not just financial,” he continued, “there is a cost to our status as citizens and to our principles.”

Faced with news of the queen’s poor health (and her subsequent death at the age of 96), leaders of the lobby group Republic (founded in 1983), himself Smith (executive director) and Robert Parker (President), asked to respect the privacy of the royal family and announced that for today they will not make public pronouncements.

However, on his pagerepublic.org.ukthe campaign that replaced the February one continued to be active: “Let’s make Elizabeth last. #AbolamosLaMonarquía” (#AbolishTheMonarchy), under the warning: “The succession has already arrived!”

With roots in the 17th century, republicanism is strong in the Labor Party and in the nationalist parties of Scotland and Northern Ireland, in addition to the Green. A May 2021 poll gives him a popularity of just 24 percent against 61 percent support for the monarchy. But this has been reduced and young people don’t love her anymore: in the age group of 18 to 24 years, for example, only 31 percent sympathize with her, compared to 41 percent who prefer a democratically elected head of state.


After the eventful marriage of the crown prince and Diana Spencer -with his tragic death-, the royal family has been rocked by scandals like those of prince harry, who disguised himself as a Nazi officer and has suffered harassment from his relatives for his marriage to a mestizo woman. There are also the accusations of a minor who claims to have been a sex slave of Prince Andrew.

“In just twelve months, the royals have been accused of racism, hypocrisy about climate change, abuse of public funds, secrecy, money for honors, money for access and everything associated with Prince Andrew, including protecting him from justice“, held Smith in February.

The republicans believe that this record and the unpopularity of Prince Charles will accelerate the change of attitudes in British society.

But the best news for them comes from the republicanization of the former colonies of the Empire: elizabeth II She became queen of 32 countries, but at the time of her death she was only queen of 15. (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, Solomon Islands, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Tuvalu, in addition to Great Britain). The Caribbean island of Barbados is the most recently to abandon the monarchy, and Jamaica, the Bahamas and Belize are in the process.

“Barbados did us a huge favor,” proclaims the Republic page, “by showing us all in the Commonwealth how simple it can be!”

Perhaps most painfully for the English royals, however, is that if Scotland succeeds in the project, announced by Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon, of holding a referendum to secede from Britain and rejoin the European Union (as a result of the resounding Scottish opposition to Brexit or departure from the continental community, which was consummated by the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson), will do so as a republic.

In addition, the separatists of the Sinn Fein they are already a majority in the parliament of Northern Ireland and Australia – which on 16 occasions received with cheers Elizabeth II– appointed on June 1 a “minister for the Republic”, Matt Thistlethwaite, who will be in charge of carrying out one of the campaign proposals with which the Labor Party of that country won the elections last May, the one to “establish an Australian republic with an Australian head of state”.