Norway considers slaughtering the walrus Freya

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The Norwegian authorities announced that they are studying the possibility of culling the walrus freyaturned into the star of the summer, and whose presence in the fjord of Oslo endangers humans and animals. Despite the fact that the authorities incessantly ask that the mammal not be disturbed, a young walrus of about 600 kilosthe curious continue to come to see it, explained the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries in a statement.

The walrus was first seen on July 17 and was later christened Freya. Photo: AFP

“The reckless behavior of the public and the disobeying of the recommendations of the authorities can put lives in danger”, highlighted a spokeswoman for the Directorate, Nadia Jdaini.

Converted since its appearance in the fjord of the Norwegian capital the July 17th in the summer star (boreal), freya (named after a goddess of love and beauty from Norse mythology) was filmed hunting birds and sleeping on top of sinking boats.

The walruses, which can sleep up to 20 hours a daynormally live in more northerly latitudes, in the Arctic.

However, despite the warnings, the animal continues to be bothered by onlookers, who bathe next to it and get too close to photograph it, the Directorate of Fisheries said.

“His well-being was clearly reduced. The walrus she does not have enough rest and the experts consider that she is stressed, ”explained Jdaini. “We are now studying additional measures. And euthanasia is a real alternative,” she added.

The walrusa protected species, feeds mainly on invertebrates such as molluscs, shrimps, crabs and small fish.

Although, according to the authorities, it is not a threat to humans, it can attack if they feel threatened.

Freya has caused such a sensation that the newspaper Verdens Gang decided to broadcast live, on its website, some moments in the life of the famous walrus.