North Korea targeted US and South Korean bases in its latest missile tests

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North Korea declared that with his missile teststargeted air bases and operations command systems in the region of South Korea and the United States of America (USA).

In the statement advanced by the North Korean army, it was indicated that missiles with nuclear capacity.

In the statement, South Korea’s exercises were described as “provocative” and it was emphasized that such initiatives would continue to be met with military measures.

The US and South Korea were reported to have started joint air exercises on a large scale on the Korean peninsula, where tensions rose after the North’s missile tests.

North Korea reacted to last week’s US-South military exercise involving 240 warplanes.

Pyongyang warned it would apply “stronger surveillance measures” to the United States, viewing the exercises as “preparation for a potential invasion,” and then conducted at least 10 missile tests.

Finally, South Korean military officials reported on November 5 that North Korea launched 4 missiles during a joint US-South military exercise.

The United States and South Korea held the first of their joint exercises in 2015.

The exercises were suspended in 2018 as part of former South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s reconciliation policies with North Korea.

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