North Korea launches new threat to the South and the United States

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North Korea will respond to US and South military tests. Photo: AFP.

North Korea has announced that it will respond to the joint maneuvers of USA Y South Korea with military actions “sustained, firm and overwhelming,” reported the official North Korean agency KCNA.

The warning occurs in the context of a series of missile tests made by Pyongyang in recent weeks, including the launch on Saturday of four ballistic missilesdays after the United States and South Korea concluded the largest aerial military exercises to date.

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What actions could North Korea take in the face of maneuvers by the US and South Korea?

A statement from the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army said that “we will continue to respond to all maneuvers against (North Korea) by the enemy with sustained, firm and overwhelming practical military measures.”

According to the KCNA agency, recent tests of northern ballistic missiles were a “clear answer” to Washington Y seoul for their military exercises last week, called “Storm Watcher”.

“The maneuvers were aimed at intentionally escalating tension in the region and are a dangerous maneuver of a highly aggressive nature directed directly against. The more persistent the enemy’s provocative moves, the more thoroughly and mercilessly he will counter them.”

North Korean Army, according to a KCNA statement.

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“Storm Watcher” already had a reaction from North Korea

Hundreds of fighter planes American and South Korean fighters, including B-1B bombers, participated in “Storm Watcher” last week.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said the exercise demonstrated “the ability and readiness to firmly respond to any North Korean provocation.”

At the same time, he rejected North Korean criticism by saying that his drills did not present a threat to no country.

However, the exercises have generated strong reactions of Pyongyangwhich considers them rehearsals for an invasion.

  • The North Korean army specified that the operations included the launch of tactical ballistic missiles that simulated attacks against air bases and rehearsed the shooting down enemy planes.

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The North Korean air force also conducted “a large-scale combat operation” with 500 planes, according to KCNA.

The agency reported on Monday footage of north korean military operations with missiles fired from various unidentified sites. South Korean President, Yoon Suk-yeoldescribed the action as “a de facto territorial invasion.”

According to analysts, the air maneuvers were particularly worrying for Pyongyang, as its air force is one of the weakest points of your armywhich lacks both technologically advanced aircraft and experienced pilots.

Details of North Korea’s operations last week reveal the importance they attach to destroying air bases in the South, said Cheong Seoung-chang, a researcher at the Sejong Institute in Seoul.

“North Korea considers it important to attack and neutralize air bases first because its own air force is weak,”

Cheong Seoung-chang.

Compared to the aging North Korean fleet, “Storm Watcher” put into action some of the most modern fighter planes from the United States and South Korea, including the F-35 stealth fighters.

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North Korea, in September, had revised its nuclear doctrine to allow itself to carry out pre-emptive strikes in the event of a threat against the regime. Kim Jong Un.

If North Korea’s nuclear “command and control system” is “in danger of attack by hostile forces, a nuclear attack will be launched automatically and immediately,” the new doctrine states.

Seoul and Washington expect North Korea to carry out a nuclear testwhich would be the seventh in its history and the first since 2017.

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