Nokia expects mobile phones to disappear in less than ten years. Bet on the same technology as Apple

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The amount of technology news that comes out each day may be making us distracting from something that is approaching by leaps and bounds and that it will change the landscape of consumer electronics forever. It will not be tomorrow, nor will it be next year, but a great revolution is coming. Nokia, in fact, expects mobile phones to disappear in less than ten years. Given this, it is committed to the same technology as Apple.

We have been hearing about virtual reality glasses for some time. A long time. So much so that, not only do we take them a little for granted, but, having seen the technology, we know they are “only for games”. TRUE? Well, nothing is further from Reality —if you allow me the play on words—.

A radical change in less than a decade

We’re fast approaching 2023, knowing that there may be an Apple super event in January, much more calmly than we’re approaching the launch of the original iPhone. In those days, the technological press was running from one place to another giving news and forecasting what could happen. Now, we are at the gates of a huge change and there does not seem to be much interest.

Admittedly, Facebook, now called Meta for its metaverse, isn’t helping. It may have popularized the term, but it is not a term that is easily understood, such as Tim Cook has already commented on more than one occasion. It is also true that, although the virtual reality glasses that exist today, the applications that have been developed for them are not all that they could.

But some are clear. just as we count in XatakaNokia’s director of strategy and technology, Nishant Batra, assured that mobile phones will disappear in the course of this decade in a interview with The Spokesman. Does iPhone mean nothing in 2032? This is what it means, and the truth is that the predictions can go quite well on track.

Nokia believes that the metaverse is the future. Says Bartra, “we believe that smartphones will be overtaken by the metaverse experience in the second half of the decade.” And before that they are moving their efforts in that direction. They have not given details about it, but the address is the same as the one that Apple is pointing to.

Whether we are talking about Reality One or Reality Pro. let’s talk about rOS, realityOS or xrOS —in reference to extended reality—, the individual screens may become outdated very soon. Who would want a Mac if we can put on some glasses — helmets in its first iterations — and have the screen we want with just a keyboard and mouse. Who will want a TV if we go to the movies with glasses?

Would anyone want an iPhone if they can have any application before their eyes with the blink of an eye? Statements like this undoubtedly generate some controversy. And it is early to predict how the technology will evolve. What we can be clear about is that Apple will hit the table with its new extended reality productwhatever it’s called, and that much of what we take for granted today will make a lot less sense.

Will it be in 3 years? Will it be in 6? In Nokia they believe that it will be in less than 10 years. More than plenty of time for other technologies to have taken off successfully. Let’s remember the original iPhone and its evolution to the iPhone 4, which we consider a benchmark, or the original Apple Watch and its evolution to the Apple Watch Series 5, for example. If anything, it’s clear that much of the industry is pivoting. And we can get a surprise sooner rather than later.

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