‘No photos’: Mexican trolls fans from other nations in Qatar | Videos

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Brazilian and Argentine fans were victims of a prank by a Mexican during Qatar World Cup 2022.

Several videos of the compatriot, dressed in clothes that assimilated him to a Qatari, were broadcast on social networks, approaching crowds of fans in the streets of Qatar to tell them that taking pictures was not allowed.

“No photos, no photos,” the Mexican tells them. The fans, who wore shirts of the national teams of Argentina and Brazil, confused they attended the indication.

Then the young man tells them “It’s not true, I’m Mexican”.

Another group of Mexicans dressed as a horseman, including a horse, and decided to accompany the mounted police.

Although strict Qatari rules have prevented most visitors from expressing themselves freely, and even some behaviors such as mutual affection or consuming alcohol in public are severely punishedpranks have not been punished (so far).

At least in the recommendations made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Mexicans who attended the World Cup in Qatar, there is no mention that this kind of jokes could offend the Qataris.

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