No one can kill MP3, but Meta is going to try it with a codec ten times more efficient

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Without file compression the Internet would be much slower. That’s why we have the codecs, like MP3 for audio. an authentic immortal format despite the fact that it was invented more than 30 years ago. Despite the progress of alternatives such as AAC, MP3 is still very much alive. But finally an alternative is presented that has many numbers to revolutionize the field of audio codecs.

Meta, through its fundamental AI research team, has created an audio hypercompression codec. A codec that allows you to listen to audio with a quality equivalent to MP3, but a tiny size. Ideal for being able to send audio even if the connection is minimal.

AI is also going to change the world of audio from top to bottom

To achieve this compression, neural networks have been used so that they “understand” how the audio is constructed and then they are capable of recreate it, using much less space than the original. After all, audio codecs have always been algorithms. Now with AI, a huge leap has been made with them and this translates into a codec like the one Meta presents today.

According to explain those responsible, with AI they have achieved a compression rate 10 times better than MP3 at 64 kbps, without loss of quality. Previously these algorithms had been used for specific voices, but now has been applied over a 48 kHz stereo audio file, CD quality. That is, the most widely used standard in the world of music.

Among the advantages of this audio codec, Meta explains that it could lead to faster and better quality calls, especially when the connection is poor. There is also room for the metaverse, where the company points out that they can be add sound files more often without involving much higher bandwidth.

At the moment Meta does not work with video codecs, but it points out that it is the following. They also report that will try a new audio codec for spatial audioalthough they explain that they work with several channels is complex.

We tend to think of AI as a creation tool, from images even songs. However, it is also being used to optimize what already exists. The results indicate that the improvement is enormous.

Image | Dalibor Bosnjakovic

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