No dash and dot. The notch of the iPhone 14 Pro will be like this and it makes all the sense in the world, according to the latest rumors

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We have been talking about the notch of the new iPhone 14 Pro almost from the iPhone X. In recent months, several rumors and leaks point to a notch in the form of a line and a dot. Physically perhaps, yes, but at the software level, and therefore the final appearance, can be really different.

A notch that relies on software to round out its design

Citing his own sources, in 9to5mac publish that Apple’s plans with the notch of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max go beyond what we have seen in leaks of the front panels of these new phones. Until now we expected a shape of a dash followed by a dotbut the reality could be totally different.

Apparently Apple would plan leave the pixels between the two elements of the notch completely dark, which would create a unitary notch, a single elongated and rounded central shape with all the sensors. And what good would the space in between? Easy, to show the privacy indicators. That little green or orange light when we access the device’s camera or microphone that are currently on one side.

In addition to giving a appearance much more similar to what we are used to seeing with our Mac, where the indicator light is right next to the camera, this design would allow Apple to display both the camera access indicator and the microphone indicator simultaneously. Something that does not currently happen, seeing only the camera when you are accessing both.

Lastly, at 9to5mac they indicate that the source has informed them that Apple plans to redesign the Camera app of the new iPhone, moving part of the controls to the top of the screen. Controls such as Live Photo, flash, timer and others could occupy the sides of the notch to leave more space for viewing the photo or video that we are going to take.

Really interesting changes, no doubt. Changes that we had not foreseen and that continue remembering that at Apple they have more than one ace up their sleeve and a lot of capacity to surprise us. something in which Mark Gurman agrees. Fortunately, we will soon clear up any doubts, since we are less than a week away from the iPhone 14 presentation event.