Niurka vs Bad Bunny, the Cuban lashes out at the rapper: “Do you know where all those millions you boast about come from?”

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This 2023 has not been a great start to the year for Bad Bunny Well, after snubbing a fan and agreeing with that throw her cell phone when she just wanted a picture with her idol It has brought serious consequences for the singer from Puerto Rico since his reproductions on streaming platforms have dropped considerably and also due to strong criticism. decided to put his private social media.

Due to this the always controversial, Niurka Marcos Upon her arrival in Mexico City, she was approached by the press who questioned her about what she thought about it after all this unfortunate situation of Bad Bunny and without thinking about it, the Cuban woman spoke about it and without mincing words she told everything to the interpreter of “Safaera”.

Niurka goes with everything to Bad Bunny

In the beginning Niurka spoke about the incident that thousands of Bad Bunny fans in CDMX they had during their presentations at the Aztec stadium last December where the rapper’s fans were unable to access the concert due to problems presented by the company that sold the tickets.

And it is that, according to Niurka she expected that Bad Bunny he would have gone out to give a message to his followers who did everything to get a ticket and to be able to enjoy his presentation in the capital of our country, however, the Puerto Rican did not say anything about it and showed zero empathy for his followers who there were some who even cried for not being able to enter the show of their favorite artist.

“Everybody expected him to go out and say something to people, but it never happened… I would have liked him to go out and leave something for all those people who suffered from this situation, but he didn’t say anything or touch on the subject,” Niurka said. Mark to the press

Besides, the woman of Cuban origin also spoke about the unfortunate episode that Bad Bunny starred with one of her fans by throwing her cell phone at her, well Niurka He assures that although he has said a long time ago that he did not want them to put a cell phone in his face, there must always be dialogue to avoid this type of situation, “That is not the way, the way is the dialogue”.

Niurka kindly said goodbye to the press and thanked them for the interview, but anda had some fans around her and they asked the Cuban woman for a photograph, for which she agreed with pleasure and he took the time to pose for the cameras of his followers.

“A little patience for the audience, bad bunny, because do you know where all those millions that you boast about today come from, my love? Of the people, asshole,” said Niurka

Finally the showgirl left the airport to be able smoke a cigarette while she was waiting for the car that would take her home, but she was always kind to the people who recognized her.


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