Nintendo Switch: the 5 secret functions of this successful console

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The nintendo switch console It is one of the most successful of the Japanese company in recent years, a laptop of great quality and power. Something that holds even in its version known as nintendo switch lite.

However, most users make basic use of it, ignoring the wide spectrum of functionalities that they have from the nintendo switch controller up to the screen. Something that results in a problem impoverishing our experience.

We share a list with the five best secret functions so that the fact about how much does the nintendo switch cost be the least.

5 secret features of the Nintendo Switch

1. Connect two screens

We start with a main course, one of the most interesting secret functions of the nintendo switch console. We refer to the possibility of connecting two screens in parallel, in a modular way.

In this way, we will expand the viewing capacity, allowing up to 8 players to have fun at the same time. Keep in mind that it is only possible in the tablet or portable modes of the console.

2. Battery saver

One of the drawbacks of the gorgeous nintendo switch is that its portable nature causes it to suffer considerable battery wear. So it is very helpful to be able to do something to extend the duration of our games.

Of course, a good load is convenient, with the controller for nintendo switch next to the screen, so that it lasts longer. And then there are brightness, volume and power saving settings that we can use to improve performance.

3. Find Joy-Cons

One of the problems with the console is that nintendo switch controllersThe so-called Joy-Cons are wonderful but small, so it’s easy to forget where we left them. Since their creators know this, they implemented a function to find them.

In the console controls menu, we can find an option that allows us to vibrate the nintendo switch controllerpay attention for a second and find it right away.

4. Joy-Cons on other devices

The Joy-Cons are an unprecedented wonder and everyone knows it, but what many ignore is that we can use the nintendo switch controllers on other devices. This is something that makes the nintendo switch price take on another shade.

This has to do with the fact that they are wireless controls that connect via bluetooth, so we can find them from our PC. For them to work, we only have to link and configure them from the settings.

5. Turn on the TV

Finally, we end with a function in line with the previous one: the possibility of turning on our television directly from the console, without the need for the nintendo switch controller. This is something that can be done on most televisions today.

It is only necessary to synchronize the two devices from the Nintendo configuration menu, with the HDMI-CEC function. Then, we must have the console in DOCK mode and that’s it.

After this review of secret functions, we know that it is only a matter of time until we decide to buy our own Switch.

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