Nintendo Responds To Those Who Say Splatoon 3 Doesn’t Change The Formula Enough

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After its official premiere, now we get an interesting announcement related to this outstanding game between nintenderos. We are actually talking about Splatoon 3.

Specifically, we have been able to learn interesting statements from Nintendo about whether this game changes the formula enough with respect to previous installments. Washington Post shared an interview with Nintendo’s Bill Trinenwhere he has clarified the following:

I haven’t had a chance to read many reviews yet, but I almost wonder, you know: how well do they know the intricacies of Splatoon? Because, as we’ve seen from competitive gamers, the people who have played this game the most see Splatoon 3 as an amazing new game that everyone is eager to dive into.

I feel like for some reason people like to try to fix [su similitud] in Splatoon in a way that they don’t try to fix in other games of a similar genre. There’s a new single-player story mode that has evolved incredibly… it’s worth it for me alone. And then I look at the ways that, you know, new actions like Squid Roll, new abilities and new weapons… are going to change your approach to strategy. It’s going to change the way you play.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments. Remember that the title will be available this September 9 on Nintendo Switch and that you have our impressions after trying it here.