Ninel Conde is criticized for showing a painted Pikachu puppy

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Ninel Conde is criticized for showing a painted Pikachu puppy
Ninel Conde, criticized for showing a painted Pikachu puppy. Photo: Darkroom

Ninel Conde, the “Killer Bombón”caused a stir in social networks and not for a sensual photography like the ones he usually shares with his followersbut for exposing a dog painted as Pikachua situation that their faithful followers.

The famous one, who faced controversy over the accusations against Larry Ramos, husband of the actress, He shared a video where he showed that the puppy painted as the famous pokemon characterwould be the “future boyfriend” from his mascot.

“Love at first sight. Bella, he’s going to be your future boyfriend, but not yet. It is too early”.

Ninel Conde is heard saying.

But the coexistence between Ninel Conde, who faces a legal dispute against your ex-partner for the custody of your minor childdid not stop there, because, according to the videotook them to dinner at a Italian restaurant.

“Now I bring them to dinner at a restaurant that is, one of my favorites, Italian. Are you going to be good, Pikachu, Bella?”

Ninel Conde.

The actress and singer, indicated in the book by Anabel Hernández for supposedly having relationship with some bosses of the drug in Mexicoproudly showed the puppy painted as the character of child cartoon.

Among the criticisms that Ninel Conde received after the publication of the images, was that of the presenter Javier Ceriani, who considered that breaks the instinct of animal and announced that he would file a complaint against the “Killer Bombshell”.

“Ninel Conde, once again, did it again… We are going to denounce her with Peta. This is inexcusable. I know that it is a product that has a dye for animals… the dyes camouflage the smell of the dog, which can cause communication problems with other animals. They are breaking his instinct, his senses”.

Javier Ceriani.

The video was originally shared on the account of the pet owned by Ninel Condeand taken up by several social media accounts, which criticized that the puppy was painted to recreate the cartoon which has become the favorite of boys and adults.

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