Ninel Conde boasts the end of 2022 with her best bikinis

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Ninel Conde boasts the end of 2022 with her best bikinis
Ninel Conde boasts the end of 2022 with her best bikinis. Photo: Getty Images

Ninel Conde began to say goodbye to the year of a very sensual wayand it is that the “killer hottie” collected, in a video, images of the best bikinis that showed off this year and what were they pimped for his faithful followers.

The famous one, which remains in lawsuit with his ex-partner and father of his sonwasted sensuality in the recording, where he also showed some dresses fitted, who highlighted their beauty on more than one occasion, stealing sighs of the witnesses.

Ninel accompanied the video with a message for his followerswhom he called end up the goals that were proposed this year, since there are still some days to achieve them.

“The year is almost gone and I want to ask you: how are your 2022 goals? There are still days to finish them!”

Wrote Ninel Conde

And as expected, the ffaithful followers of the famous one, which has been seen in the controversy because of their sentimental partnersthey wrote pick up lines to the also singer.

“Increasingly beautiful”, “A real beauty”, “Beautiful and very sensual, Ninel Conde”, “Very beautiful”, “What a beauty”, “You are a goddess”, “Beautiful”, “Cool”, “I love you ”, They are part of the comments that can be read in Ninel Conde’s publication.

Among the comments that drew the most attention was that of Araceli Ordaz, better known as “Gomita”who, in addition to recognizing the figure of the “Killer Bombshell” stressed that he wants to have a figure like the she.

“My goal is to have Ninel’s body by 2023.”


The sensual images of Ninel Conde

But this is not the first video that Ninel Conde shares with his followers: recently, he also compiled, in a series of images, the best moments he spent in Acapulco, where the tiny bikini, that characterize it, did not wait.

Ninel is one of the most active celebrities on social networks, where she shows moments of work, as well as rest, with fitted clothes, which is always celebrated by fans. followers of the famous.

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