Nike Starts Legal Proceedings Against “Just Dao It” Registration

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  • Nike is considered by the study “Apparel 50 2022” as the most valuable brand in the apparel.

  • The value of Nike As a clothing brand it has been due, as Zara has supported at the time, to the supposed recognition that their names achieve in the world, for which they legally defend themselves against supposed similarities of other brands.

  • The case of Nike or Zara, which we narrate in this note, give references to intellectual property and copyright.

Nike knows that his sports emporium has been due in large part, thanks to the communication that his slogan Just Do It has given him, so he started legal proceedings against a firm called TacVuefor wanting to register “Just Dao It”.

Nike is until now, the brand of the apparel most valuable in the world. Studies What “Apparel 50 2022” realize that it reaches a brand value of 33 thousand 176 million dollars and this is thanks to the reputation in its image that it has built with powerful slogans What Just Do It or your logo in the shape of a dove. These elements have been main ingredients of her sports narrative and defending her when she is at legal risk becomes a mission.

Nike vs. “Just Dao It”

Nike filed a complaint with the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, against “Just Dao it”.

The legal petition against the registry seeks to prevent the company from TacVue proceed to register with the aim of offering “computer services (…) creation of an online community for registered users (and) participate in debates, receive comments from their peers, form virtual communities, participate in social networks, play games”.

The slogan of Just Do It has been used by Nike since 1989 and from this date on it has consolidated an interesting narrative that recalls campaigns like the one launched with Colin Kaepernickwhen it was suspended by the nfl from playing in league games, for kneeling in the interpretation of the United States anthem prior to games.

Given the value that Just Do It has for Nikethe legal battle of the brand really has the objective of preventing everything that it has built for decades and with the scope that its actions have achieved.

With Just Do It, Nike has consolidated an important community and history around sports narrative, with which it has established itself in the market, being an example not only of the innovation that a good marketing strategy demands content marketing, also work.

We invariably witness a very important legal case, because it is the most valuable brand in apparel as we quoted above with figures of Brand Financeso the legal thesis of the company against TacVue is that this company confuses the consumer, because it not only wants to make use of “Just Dao It”, but on its website, to promote its digital services, it uses the Nike logo and name to ensure that they are designed to support brands .

As the case of denunciation of Nike against TacVue, zarathe famous brand of apparel which the billionaire owns Amancio Ortegalost a legal process against the English brand House of Zanaof the entrepreneur Amber Kotri, which he accused of marketing clothes with a name that apparently emulated that of the Spanish firm, however, the support did not proceed, so the trademark registration authority in that country concluded that the alleged similarity was ephemeral and insubstantial.

It is important to see the legal procedures that brands undertake when they argue the use of their names or sloganssince the result of these processes defines very important precedents in intellectual property and copyright, legal issues of great relevance in the market.

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