Nico Freire recommended “brushing” homegrown players in Pumas – Sniper

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I start with Pumas, who bring a brand relaxation you will cry inside; I start with who is the one who incited to brush the youth squads, that the topic is tasty.

As soon as Rafita Puente arrived, he looked for allies that he lacked inside. He first allied himself with his cousin, Santi, the son of the Fox Sports host, who was in sports intelligence after not being successful as a reporter for Televisa. And then he added Rodrigo Méndez, also a former Claro reporter, but who got the bug to direct and began to study hard and densely, finding a chance even in Pumas Tabasco a few tournaments ago. As he is also a friend of Junior, he summoned him, and not to make a TV show, but to direct the destiny of the University.

He lacked more allies, so he looked for the one who remained as captain with the departure of the pillars: Nico Freire, whom among other things he asked who he thought should be low. The Paraguayan did not take a second to put on the wall the youths who have made his life small because they do not let themselves be bossed around and raise their voices: Amaury, Gutiérrez, Jerónimo and Montejano.

Puente Jr. promised to brush them, he discussed it with Doctor Mejía Barón, he gave him the green light, and between the two of them they decided that even though they had a contract, they were going to give them their cards so they wouldn’t make it out of ham.

However, on the other side of the board, that of Inge Silva, they realized the huge mistake they were about to make, because in addition to losing the contract instead of transferring them, they had to give them a termination. They put a handbrake on and it was better to send them to Tabasco, so that they could settle down while they fulfilled their labor league. Gutiérrez, for example, has just been renewed for two more years, so that’s where I put it.


And of the reinforcements that the University is looking for, my Padawan Karla Uzeta already told you that the first one Rafita adds is Ulises Rivas, a youth squad from Santos who came to join minor teams, but after an injury, and then he put on his bows on ancestor tournament, he was released and no one hired him in the summer. That is why Pumas signs him, because he arrives free, as they like.

What surprises me is that if UNAM kicked their youth squads with a contract and with conditions similar to those of Rivas, they prefer to hire a player who is in pain and was unemployed for an entire tournament, and all because he asked for a great deal. salary increase, so it will be more expensive.

I’ll give you an example: the only starting youth squad from the previous tournament with Universidad was Bennevendo, the right-back who covered Dani Alves’ whim to play later. Well, Pablo gets just 20 thousand pesos per month being stellar. Rivas is going to allow himself to be asked for more than 150,000 a month, dying of laughter. Carlos Gutiérrez, whom they let go, never went beyond pocketing 60 thousand from the eagle. So the broth is more expensive than the meatballs.


And if my dear blues and goldens believed that the incorporation of reinforcements in Cougars from other quarries, sit and wait for their ‘bombs’ from Atlante to come. In the Expansión Em Ex Semifinal, my Rafita’s coaching staff went to Azulgrana to see a couple of prospects from El Potro. Soon I will tell you the names of the cheap reinforcements, but from another quarry.

Here goes another one: the goalkeeper they are looking for to seat Julito González and for Gil Alcalá to complete the six-month loan as third, is in the North, he went through the auriazul quarry, but they also gave him a little kick in the tail, until Mejía Barón met him when he was working at the Tec de Monterrey in Puebla and took him to Tigres, where he shone with the Sub 20 and today is a substitute for Nahuel Guzmán: Miguel Ortega, 27 years old. Surely when they announce it they will say that he returns a ‘canterano’. That’s the way things are.


No one but Raúl has any hope of making it to the final list of qatar, fought for the Wolves to give him permission to return as soon as possible with the Azteca National Team, and he will hold on until the last moment. Today it is impossible to tell if he will be physically ready, but faith does not die.

Otherwise with the Tecatito. After Ordiales failed to convince Monchi and Sevilla to loan them Chuy earlier, my tricolor ear tells me that there is disappointment and resignation that he will not be in the World Cup. So. The towel will be officially thrown when you arrive at the concentration.

As soon as the ankle injury became known, Sevilla warned that it would not be until the following year. However, Ordiales said in an interview that he could get there and lit up an empty illusion. Corona will not be in Qatar. Now, let’s not think about it anymore.


And on the way out, after the boring Assembly of Owners of the League Meme X, the highlight is what happens in Gallos. From the outset, the fact that Fax Sparts is a candidate to buy the franchise was not touched, nor was it about reducing the punishment to allow people in the Querétaro grandstand. And it is that my friend Ares de Parga is sweating the fat drop, he does not see her arrive.

Well, the worst thing is that the debts continue on campus and that is why the preseason was delayed, there is no date to pay them. However, in Doña Fede they cannot act because there are no registered controversies, that is, the debts are not official and thus they cannot put their hands.

They should learn what happened in Veracruz: the soccer players lived it complaining under the table about the debts and until they got into controversies, something was done to pay them. And not even today they have them settled.



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