Newlyweds dance their first waltz to the rhythm of “intense perreo”

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  • In 2019, reggaeton managed to generate revenue of up to 8.9 billion dollars, with many singers at the peak of popularity.

  • Bad Bunny, on Spotify, accumulates more than 48 million monthly listeners, being one of the most listened to today.

  • TikTok was another of the platforms where, in 2022, reggaeton was consolidated among music lovers.

A newly married couple decided to break with tradition and, for their first waltz as Husband and Wife, they danced in the style of the so-called “intense perreo”, with a reggaeton musical background.

Beyond controversies and discussions, reggaeton has become the music of young people, of the new generations; a musical genre that has yielded revenues of up to 8.9 billion dollars just for sales in streaming.

We are talking about one of the most listened to and analyzed sounds for years, where its greatest exponents are currently J Balvin, Maluma and, above all, Bad Bunny, this being the most popular.

According to data from kworb.net, 2021 was the year of reggaeton and K-pop, with Bad Bunny and BTS leading the popularity charts.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, just a few days ago, Spotify revealed which were the most listened to artists of the yeara list led by the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny, but in which other Latin artists also positioned themselves in the public’s taste, such as Rauw Alejandro, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee and Karol G, that is, an important legion of artists reggaetonerosproving that the urban genre is still at the top of success.

On the other hand, the fact that Bad Bunny was a two-time winner at the Grammy Awards stands out, taking the awards for Best Latin Pop or Urban Album (2021) and Best Urban Music Album (2022), and a four-time winner at the Latin Grammy Awards.

In other words, we are talking about a musical panorama dominated by reggaeton and/or the so-called Urban Genre, a fact that has been seen from various perspectives.

Newlyweds dance their first waltz to the rhythm of “intense perreo”

On TikTok, a newly married couple broke with the traditional rules of weddings and, for their first waltz as Husband and Wife, they decided to dance to the so-called “intense perreo”, a characteristic reggaeton sound, which has been severely criticized by many. over the years.


It should be noted that he was sober? #flowfest #perreo #hard twerking #doggie #reggaeton #wedding #wedding #for you #fyp #foryoupage #perreque #bellakeo #wild

? original sound – Dante Martiñon

Undoubtedly, music is made up of generations and, for the so-called “Generation Z”, urban music is its greatest cultural reference; however, since its inception, reggaetón has been subject to scrutiny for its speech.

A recent study claims that “one of the most criticized points regarding the popularity of the reggaeton and the trap in Spanish it is the generalized idea that one has regarding its content, which is said to be full of macho or misogynistic lyrics.”.

On the other hand, the University of Chile revealed, through a study, that the “reggaetón is the flag of machismo and misogyny; the singer Maluma the main face”.

Of course, like all music, the analysis will never be complete; However, what has become clear is that the urban genre is here to stay and be one of the greatest references for the new generations, to a large extent, thanks to social networks and streaming platforms that today, in the musical field , are an essential part of the consumption habits of music lovers.

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