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Shortly after saying goodbye to the year 2022 and welcoming 2023, many people are getting ready for the last party of this year. Cabals, traditions, meetings and specific colors are the attractions to usher in a new year.

The color of clothing that people choose to spend the New Year has become a tradition, and perhaps the most significant in recent years. Among the most used and demanded colors are yellow and red.

What color is it that will attract money and meet your goals in 2023?

According to the color company ‘Pantone’, ‘Viva Magenta’ and its similar shades will be the ideal colors to start the year 2023 with the best vibes to meet your goals.

Through its social networks, ‘Pantone’ added a description of the properties that the color ‘Viva Magenta’ carries with it.

“Brave and intrepid, (Viva Magenta) is a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes optimism and joy (…) Powerful and empowering, it’s a lively red that encourages unrestrained experimentation and self-expression. An electrifying and limitless tone”says the post on his official Instagram account.

What other colors should be worn on New Years?

– Yellow: this color will promote economic abundance.

– Green: attracts progress and stability during the coming year.

– Red: This color is linked to love and passion.

– Gold: It is the color that attracts success, happiness and money.

– Silver: It is the color that will provide work success and love.


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