New photos of BTS’s Jin in the military have come to light

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The army is quite pending to receive new photographs of Jin in his military service. And it is that the member of bts He does not have a lot of time allowed to use his cell phone, nor can he use his social networks due to strict military regulations of South Korea. Despite that, new photos of the idol have been released while he is carrying out his duties within the troops.

In the middle of the Christmas celebrations, we have received a photograph of Jin, the oldest member of bts, wearing his uniform while busy doing some military work.

The army The photo quickly went viral on all social networks. But at the same time, they sadly remember that the Worldwide Handsome He will spend Christmas away from his loved ones.

They have also taken the opportunity to express their best wishes, hoping that time passes as quickly as possible so that he can rejoin the group and the activities he normally did in his artistic life.

Jin will be in the military troops of South Korea for an estimated time of one year and seven months. In that time, the idol You will fulfill your mandatory military service and serve your nation as a fully active soldier.

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