New Delhi reaches toxic pollution 25 times stronger than WHO limit

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The city of New Delhi, in Indiareached a degree of toxic contamination, levels that concern the authorities because its quality of air was 25 times stronger What limit does the World Health Organization to determine a critical situation.

What is known about pollution and toxic air in New Delhi, India?

The fog toxic reached dangerous levels Thursday in New Delhienveloped in a gray cloud caused by pollution and the smoke from thousands of fires agricultural crops in North India.

The presence in the air of dangerous PM2.5 particles, so small that they can penetrate the blood system, reached 588 per cubic meter on Thursday morning, according to the quality monitoring company of the air IQAir.

New Delhi reaches toxic pollution levels. Photo: AFP

According to the Swiss air quality monitoring company IQAir, the level of PM2.5 particles, the most dangerous, was the Friday 25 times higher than the maximum set by thea World Health Organization.

Every winter, with the coldest air, the emissions stall and persist in the megalopolis of 20 million inhabitants, usually classified among the most polluted in the world.

  • On Friday I was at the head of the iq air list of the big cities with the most polluted air.

Authorities suspend classes due to pollution and toxic air in New Delhi

Schools will close from Saturday in New Delhi due to “dangerous” level of air pollution caused by agricultural burning in North India, which are added to the industrial and traffic emissionsauthorities announced on Friday.

“We close primary schools from tomorrow (Saturday) until the pollution situation improves,”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal told reporters.

Delhi authorities announce regularly plans to reduce pollutionbut they have little effect.

Every year tens of thousands of farmers in North India burn their fields, at the onset of winter, to clean them after the harvest. According to the Indian Air Quality Monitoring Agency, the practice is responsible for a third of the ccontamination in delhi.

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