Netflix Passes on to the Oscars, Thanks to Its Investment in Pinocchio and Bard

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  • eMarketer counted the investment made by the main streaming platforms in original content.

  • the bet of Netflix in streaming has led the platform to bet on stories that did not achieve the investment of the rest of the production companies.

  • This turns the streaming an important source of investment in the generation of content.

Netflix arrives at the Oscars with two important films, due to the story they tell about how they managed to be produced, on the one hand, pinocchioof Guillermo del Toro and from the other, Bardof Alejandro González Iñárritu.

the bet of Netflix for original content, which in the hands of Mexican talent manages to become an investment in image and public relations for the platform, is a very important exercise for this industry, which has found unique value in this segment in the way brands manage to get involved today Nowadays, on big stages such as the Oscar awards ceremony.

In detail, it is important to see that the investment in original content by the main streaming platforms (eMarketer) brought to Netflix to invest in 2021, six billion dollars, while the second platform with the highest investment in this regard was Amazon Prime Video with two thousand 710 million dollars.

Netflix at the Oscars

The Mexican Guillermo del Toro achieved that Netflix pass to the oscarafter his tape was nominated in the category of best animated film. With the mention, the tape becomes an interesting testimony of how streaming brands manage to invest in strategic stories.

With the Pinocchio nomination, too Bardo, by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who managed to be nominated in the photography categorythanks to the work of Darius Khonji on the tape.

Bardo’s film has been criticized by González, acknowledging that it was a difficult film to make and, most importantly, to sell, until Netflixas happened with Pinoccio, took the initiative to sponsor its production, as part of its commitment to the production of original content, a segment that launched this streaming platform.

“This is not a conventional movie. It is a personal project; It’s in Spanish, it doesn’t have big world stars, and I didn’t want anyone to read the script,” he explained.

In the case of pinocchiothis film became an important bet for del Toro, on how to bring together talent from various countries in a single project, so once the project was authorized by Netflix, he was forced to work on animation with Mexicans, to give them the opportunity to generate experience with this project and stop centralizing the production of these tapes in the great Meccas.

The arrival of streaming from the hand of Mexicans to a festival like the Oscars, represents a very important investment in public relations by these platforms, where Mexican talent plays a key role.

We have already seen this with very interesting examples of how Mexican talent manages to highlight a film, as happened with the actor Tenoch Huerta and his participation in the latest installment of Black Pantherwhere he gave life to Namor, an underwater king of pre-Hispanic origin, who has great power and technological advancement in the depths of the ocean and who is an enemy of the famous African panther.

Both Huerta’s participation in a film that prompted Disney+such as the talent of del Toro and González to carry out Netflix to the Oscars, it shows how important Mexican content creators are to achieve conversation and promotion of these platforms.

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