Netflix hides fee, to promote subscription with ads?

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  • While Netflix push your subscription with ads, other platform streaming What Disney+ They have opted for family and distance interaction of their subscribed users.

  • Netflix It is the company that established a subscription model to enjoy content without ads.

  • Advertising revenue is and has remained a key sales channel for the media industry.

Netflix would have hidden a subscription optionto motivate the number of users in your profile with ads, given the urgency you have to increase the number of users you register in it.

projections made by Statista exclusively for subscribers to their platform, they measured revenues in the industry of just over 88 billion dollars. VOD worldwide, while the number of users in this segment reached 1.8 billion people connected to a service of this type for that year, thereby suggesting the potential of a subscription in the industry.

Netflix’s Hidden Fee

After not reaching the audience goal within your plan with advertising, Netflix it would have hidden a fee from its subscription plan to apparently force new users to choose between said plan of 99 pesos and the standard one of more than 200 pesos.

If we look at the user experience just entering the platform, Netflix invites you to select the ideal plan and only shows three subscription options. The one that includes ads for 99 pesos, standard, for 2019 pesos and Premium299 pesos, whose cost rises for offering videos in resolution 4K+HDR.

This decision confuses new subscribers, who think that the basic option went from costing just over 100 pesos, as it was offered before presenting the plan with ads, to more than 200 pesos, however, the platform hid an option to join to the platform.

When looking at the “small print” on the site, we find a section that is identified as “Looking for more options? Discover all the plans. When you finally select it, all the subscription options are displayed and the basic one of 139 pesos appears.

“If you select the Basic plan with ads, you will be asked to indicate your date of birth for the personalization of ads and for other purposes consistent with the Netflix Privacy Statement,” explains the platform about the controversial subscription option.

This curious measure is similar to the one implemented Disney+ when in full health contingency it launched a mode of reproduction of its contents, in the company of family and friends with a function, GroupWatch.

The curious measure is an action that demonstrates the willingness of the platforms of streaming to win over users, contrary to the decision of Netflixto force to migrate to a subscription model by ads.

This model seems to be promoted by the platforms, after the lousy results it obtained at its launch, for which the money has had to be returned to the brands, due to the ads not being shown, although it is said, not all have claimed their money for the advertising model that is expected to improve this year.

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