Naturopathy: according to the elements fire, water, earth and air

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An excess of air will decrease the fire, causing weight loss, but also insomnia, dizziness, weakening of motor and mental functions, with increased anxiety and fears.

A low amount of air decreases motor and mental activities, causes poor digestion and nausea, pain and depression.

Earth element

The earth helps the body and mind to stabilize, to take root, to be present here and now. It is solid, stable, sure, slow, dense, immobile.

It is concentrated in the brain, liver, kidneys, and blood.

When it is in balance with the other elements, it allows one to feel stable, firm, resistant, long-lived, promotes sleep and memory. His personality is calm, but he can tend to melancholy and be uncommunicative and affectionate. The physique is slim, the skin pale.

An excessive amount makes the body remains static and overwhelmedand that the mind slows down its thoughts.

A lack of the earth element causes weakness of connective tissue and bones, osteoporosis and cell atrophy.

How to know if the elements are in equilibrium or not

You can identify yourself from physical and emotional characteristics that go back to the elements, and there is evidence that your naturopath will do to know the presence of fire, air, water and earth, evaluating if there is prevalence of some and deficiency of others. Understand how and where to work.

How to restore balance

You can influence the balance of the elements of nature changing lifestyle, diet, psychophysical well-being and the external environment in which we live.

Some practical examples:

  1. If we have a shortage of water, living in a humid place will help us increase it
  2. If we have a shortage of fire, or want to release it, we should eat spicy food. If we have an excess of it, however, the chili will only add heat to the fire
  3. If we have excess, it will be difficult for us to express our feelings, and we must make daily gestures of affection
  4. If we have a lot of fire, but also a lot of water, the latter could block the exit of the fire, which would inflame the body. We need to increase heat production through more physical movement

My experience with the naturopath

My item test showed more firewhere I recognize traits of my personality, and a good balance between this, the water and air. From the water I can see certain physical characteristics, which according to the naturopath tend to retain my fire, which, instead, I should release because, if it is retained, it causes inflammation. From the air I can see elements of my character. The element what else I miss it is the one of the Earthand precisely on it I have worked in the Home Spa of Palazzo BelVedere and in the various activities of my wellness weekend.

It begins with directed gymnastics to get rooted in the earth, to rediscover one’s own body here and now, and then a walk in nature, which for me is an environment to rediscover. Then on the table a vegetarian diet, rich in roots (carrots, turnips, beets, ginger, radishes, celeriac, potato
sweet potato), a meditation to help release my fire, for example, through vocalizations. While in the earth element cabin, I tried a treatment involving earth and stones, concluding with an individual guided meditation.

4 things I learned from nature

  1. That we are the decisions we make
  2. That we are made of opposites, but finding a compromise is essential
  3. That in the end it costs little to change
  4. That the body is an extraordinary machine and nature can guide it

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