Natural medicine: Books, series and courses

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I think of my grandmother and I can’t help but remember those warm teas, sweetened infusions and ointments fresh with which I cured (almost) all my ills, is it the same for you? Today, October 22, within the framework of the International Day of Natural Medicine, We celebrate big this ancient practice recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), sharing with you: books, series and courses on natural medicine. Take note! Photos: Unsplash.

Importance of Natural Medicine

To give you an idea, according to the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resourcesthe 80% of the population of developing countries, supports the primary health care in practices of natural or traditional medicine.

It is also a legacy of pre-Columbian cultures: Mayan, Inca and Aztec. These have been passed down from generation to generation. important studies on medicinal plants and treatments that applied to them.

In the words of the United Nations health agency“natural medicine prioritizes the recognition of the integrality of the human being (body, mind and spirit), and based on this, it looks for the origin of many diseases… which does not necessarily imply that it is outdated or less effective than others”.

Resources and workshops on natural medicine

Now yes, let’s start with this wish list for every lover or everyone who begins to have an interest in natural medicine.

Series: The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow

Starting with the Netflix Documentary Series, The Goop Lab, which talks about the company wellness of the actress, winner of an Oscar, Gwyneth Paltrow. The series consists of six chapters in which the subject of natural medicine is addressed through alternative therapies: breathing exercises, immersion in ice water, natural hallucinogens, diets as ways to extend longevity, among others.

All validated with different studies and scientific clinical cases in which people have tried these methods. Do you dare to know this side B of medicine? Where:

Book: Natural Medicine within Everyone’s Reach

Natural medicine

The next of the unmissable materials in terms of natural medicine, is the book Natural Medicine Within Everyone’s Reach, of Manuel Lezaeta Acharan. This talks about the universe of themes and healing practices of natural medicine, it is even considered by many specialists and readers as “the most complete treatise of its kind written in Spanish”.

This book is divided into two parts: the first is devoted to explain the importance of thermal balance in the body; while the second describes a large number of ills with their respective treatments in natural medicine and it is complemented with letters, documents, anecdotes and testimonies of healing cases that the author collected. Cost: $394 MXN.

Course: Therapeutic Herbalism

Natural medicine

Finally, another of the ideal resources to learn more about natural medicine is this grade on-line taught by the author and teacher in Natural Therapies, Pedro Bayona Sainz. This course is delivered through udemy platform and is divided into 32 lessons (which build five hours of video):

The first six lessons deal with the description of the properties in general of plants and materials that are used in herbalism; the others 22 lessons are to analyze in detail medicinal plants and their substances. They finally show up four lessons with the uses of plants to treat a large number of ailments. Where: Cost: $229 MXN.

Now that you know the importance of natural medicine, in addition to the materials must to continue expanding your knowledge, take note of the advice and recommendations what gives you the Mexican Tea School, So you can grow and mix herbal teas in your home.

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