Natural medicine, a tradition in vogue

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Many associate the natural medicine to a current practice, a fashion among the people of today. However, treating the ailments of our body with the benefits of plants and elements of nature is, in fact, the root of medicine as we know it today. Historically, there has been recourse to natural methods to help prevent diseaseor to try to speed up recovery when the damage has already been done.

There are nbusinesses dedicated to this area of health and well-being, generally known as “herbal shops”. In To Estrada there are several, two of them would be, Farmanatur, at number 9 Irida streetY Sabia Natura, at number 13 of Justo Martínez street. In Farmanatur they explain that the increase in the number of users of this branch of medicine is much more notable in recent years “every time people turn more to natural medicine to solve their health problems or maintain it. It has gone from being a resource for minorities to establishing itself in society with more and more normality.”

Specifically, this establishment has identified a certain relationship between the appearance of COVID and the pandemic with the growth in its clientele, as explained by the manager, Ana María López Miguens, “in our particular case we perceive an increase in demand for nutritional supplements to strengthen ourselves in the face of infection. We also found that our regular customers turned to us with questions and natural solutions to COVID, through whatsapp or by phone.”

As to the causes that motivate the visits to these businesses, in Farmanatur they state that “The most common problems are digestive or nervous system, also bones and joints”. For her part, from Sabia Natura, Sonia Sixto Requeijo maintains that “at this time they usually ask about products to strengthen defenses, or combat fatigue, stress and anxietyespecially with the start of the school year and the return to work”.

Another issue that also concerns the population of Estrada has to do with digestive health and well-being, “now there are many intolerances generated by the bad habits to which we are accustomed, which is why it is common to resort to food supplements to help with this problem”, comments Sonia Sixto, who also knows the subject well, being a dietician.

The woman from Estrada at the head of Sabia Natura states that, on the other hand, consultations related to anxiety and stress are usually after having consumed traditional treatment, “They usually come later, when they have a hard time leaving the medication, or they look for something that is compatible with it. However, those who are already familiar with natural medicine do tend to come before”.

It may be that more and more people are turning to these natural components, such as vitamins, propolis, or other beneficial elements from nature, but according to Sixto, we still “do not have the support that we should have. Some think that it is dangerous, others that it will not have an effect… what we achieve with medicinal plants and nutritional supplements is to enhance the proper functioning of our body. Help our defenses, such as probiotics and beta-glucans; reduce inflammation as with turmeric, or help our mucous membranes with carotenoids or mallow”.

In this line, the estradense considers that it would be beneficial if there were more and more integrative doctors and therapists, who could combine both disciplines to substantially expand the range of possibilities for patients when it comes to being treated, a practice that is beginning to appear in some centers, but is still viewed with skepticism by certain sectors of the population.

In another order, what is evident is that the ailments that haunt the residents of A Estrada change with the seasonsaccording to López Miguens, “there is a direct relationship between certain pathologies and the season, for example in the season we are in, the demand for solutions for respiratory problems increases, improvement of defenses for winter, joints and others. In these areas, natural medicine has much to contribute when it comes to offering proven nutritional supplements for these problems: vitamins B, C and D, plants such as echinacea, propolis, shark cartilage and many other supplements. Nowadays, natural medicine offers a very wide range of solutions”.

So it seems that the debate is served, as far as this subject is concerned. Meanwhile, there are many who turn to this branch of medicine and health to treat their ailments that afflict them. Whatever the motivations that lead the clients of these establishments to cross the threshold of their doors, the truth is that natural medicine is increasingly on the rise. Even so, the people who manage them reiterate, with caution and responsibility, that it is not a substitute method, and They advocate going to the health center or to specialists when you suffer from any discomfort, to receive the proper diagnosis, and from there work on recovery using both treatments; traditional and natural. After all, the ingredients that make up these supplements appear in nature itself to take care of its health and that of all the living beings that make it up.


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