National Lottery draws that cost less than 20 pesos

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The National lottery for Public Assistance is an organization of the Public Administration that carries out different raffles with cash prizes with which the Head of the Executive Power is financially supported to support those who require basic needs. And to participate in them you don’t have to spend more than 20 pesos.

Among the National Lottery draws there are several that each piece costs less than 20 pesos and so you can participate more times and have greater chances to win the different cash prizes. Here we tell you what they are, the details to play and where you can check the results.

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What are the National Lottery draws for less than 20 pesos?

There are several National Lottery draws that you can play for less than 20 pesos, here we give you the details:

win cat

One of the most popular draws of the National Lottery as it has a cost of 10 pesos to play, and win up to 304 thousand pesos. To participate you must fill out a ticket with different numbers that go from one to five in the eight of the nine boxes of the cat.

The number of the center is given to you by the National Lottery, you can choose the digits yourself and tell the distributor’s employee to enter them into the system or use the Ganagático with which the system gives them to you randomly for you.

To win a minimum of three numbers, you must match the results of the draw or hit two numbers that make a straight line and complete the “cat” of your ticket. The more you win, the greater the prize.

mid week progol

This is a pool where nine national and international soccer matches participate where you try to predict the results of each game. To participate you only have to pay 15 pesos and you can win more than 5 million pesos, this if you hit the results.

Chispazo Clásico and De las tres

This National Lottery draw also costs 10 pesos to participate, there is no minimum bag and to participate you must choose a combination of 5, 6 or even 7 numbers from 1 to 28. You can choose the digits with which you are going to play or use the Sparky and you only need 2 to win. It does not have an accumulated bag since the prizes depend on the sales of each ticket.

How to check the results to know if you won?

You have at least 60 business days to change your ticket or it will return to the accumulated bag and to see the results of the different draws you just have to enter your ticket into the search engine in the following link.

To collect a prize of less than 10,000 pesos, you can do so at one of the outlets or one of the direct sales agencies, or from 3,000 pesos at Santander, Scotiabank and BBVA branches.

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